Ongoing Initiatives

Nepal Youth Entrepreneurship Summit

Every year, Nepal Youth Entrepreneurship Summit is organized at the national level with the collaboration of the government and private sectors. This summit has evolved into a unique platform for fostering entrepreneurial mindset and skill development among young people. summit will feature a start-up story, a panel discussion, a group discussion, networking opportunities, presentations from successful young entrepreneurs, award presentations, an entrepreneur’s expo, a demo exhibition of innovative works from around the globe, and an investment agreement, and start-up mentoring. The summit’s second edition was completed in 2022, and the third and fourth summit will be held in partnership with various province governments in 2023 and 24 respectively. The creation of youth-friendly policies, programs, and finances appears to be a success of the summit.

Objectives of the Summit
  • Facilitating start-up entrepreneurs for initial investment.
  • Sharing of Youth Experiences.
  • Share the experience of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Career counseling.
  • Financial literacy and Banking support.
  • Mentoring for Youth entrepreneurs.
  • Revising the government plan, policies, and programs.
  • Strong nationwide networking.
  • Exposure to innovative works.
  • Motivate youth towards entrepreneurship
Expected outcomes of the Summit
  • Strong National level network of youth will be established.
  • Political and administrative commitment for youth Entrepreneurship friendly policy, programs, environment, and Budget.
  • Creation of Investment environment from Banks, Financial institutions for startup business.
  • The exhibition of innovative products will help to disseminate goodwill.
  • Mentoring support will be provided to youth
  • Enabling the environment for production through self-employment and reduction in unemployment.
  • Youth will be motivated and capacitated for youth entrepreneurship.

“Entrepreneurship Dialogue” Television show

This program, telecasted through Nepal Television, is a National level weekly program which involves the discussion among experts and concerned authorities about entrepreneurship policies, problems and opportunities of the entrepreneurs and new startup enterprises. The program is recorded between 3 Chief-guests, 10 respective subject experts and 150 entrepreneurs in the form of public hearing. Under this program provincial entrepreneurship dialogue will be conducted in all 7 provinces along with national discussion upon other factors of entrepreneurship like education, health, women, youth, agriculture and tourism and telecasted through television. The program will be produced bring focused upon the policies, plans and programs put forward by government, the aim of sustainable development declared by UN will be motivated and the challenges, chances and opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Krishak Sang Krishi Mantri ( Agricultural Minister with Farmers )

Krishak Sanga Krishi Mantri” show is a national level TV program scheduled to telecast weekly from NTV, a national level TV channel, which covers national and provincial agricultural sector. The aim of this show is to explore opportunities in agriculture in all the layer of the government – central to provincial level, identify challenges faced by the agricultural sector, understand the problems faced by the agricultural farmers, identify potential solution to those problems. Further, this program aims to play moderator role to convey government plan, program and strategies and agricultural related policies to the real farmers’ lies in province, local level and grass root level.

Nepal Entrepreneurship Summit 2019

This summit aims at entrepreneurship development leading to economic growth in our country. NES will create a space for emerging entrepreneurs. Balancing a strong vision with the willingness to embrace changes is indispensable for entrepreneurship to prosper. NES will be taking on existing problems, realize the new values of entrepreneurship and develop groundbreaking ideas for a sustainable economy. Developing effective and efficient economic reforms, enlarging our local and regional job market through various innovative techniques, and cultivating entrepreneurship culture in different geographical locations and provinces will be some of the core areas of discussion. This one-day event will include networking, collaborations, mentoring, panel discussion, idea pitching, partnership building, and identifying the markets with good products and services for transforming local and regional communities.NES will serve as a connection between governments, policymakers, private sectors, Embassies, and International Agencies. NES will concretize itself as a knowledge park of exchanging new ideas and creating new opportunities for further expansion and investment.

Our country is a dreamland for many possibilities, yet to explore in its full capacity in sectors like Tourism, Water, Agricultural, Service, and Technology and so on. To blossom the vision in this holy land, “Nepal Entrepreneurship Summit” a brainchild of Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI) and Bishal Media Group in association with Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Supplies will definitely add a feather in entrepreneurial journey and prosperity. The summit’s first edition was completed in 2019, and the second summit will be held in partnership with government and international partner organizer in 2023.

Urban development television program

It is a public debate television program between citizens and public representatives within municipality, produced in collaboration with several municipalities. This program takes into account the best practices in the city, the actual program’s effectiveness, and the opinion of city residents.

Provincial Youth Entrepreneurship Summit

This Summit will be beneficial for the competition of fresh ideas among the province’s young talents, for informing about the facilities and assistance provided by government, and for establishing network among youth at the provincial level in coordination with Local Government and Provincial Government. A National level youth entrepreneurship summit is organized at the federal level following the summit at the provincial level.

Providing media consultancy services

Media consulting services are provided for government, private sector and charitable organizations. Event management, photography, videography, portraiture, advertise - ment production, PSA production, journal publishing, social media marketing and other necessary services and consultations are being provided through this media group. services and consultations are being provided through this media group.