Bishal Media Group (BMG) has been recognized for eight years as an excellent media group in developmental journalism. This group contributes to the achievement of sustainable development goals through television programs, documentary productions, meetings, conferences, high-level seminars, online news portals and media consulting services. Continually collaborating with Government, Private Sector, and International Partner Organizations, BMG has expertise executing more than 100 projects from 90 partner organizations.


The vision is to establish as an effective media organization in order to achieve sustainable development goals. Initiatives will be taken to strengthen the country’s economy through the development of successful Youth Entrepreneurship in the country.


Media advocacy will be employed to encourage an Entrepreneurial Environment. Constant focus will be given to a responsible Government, vibrant private sector, responsible citizens, and supportive International Partner Organizations. As a center of investigative journalism, this media will consistently carry out new research. Production of high-quality content, leverage cutting-edge technology, and satisfy partner agencies are the priorities of BMG.

Objectives and Goals

  • BMG aims to support government in achieving the sustainable development goals and deliver top-notch service for partner agencies’ projects
  • To assist in achieving the sustainable development goals.
  • Propagation of bad practices and exposure of corrupt practices.
  • To provide quality media services to partner agencies using high technology and human resources.
  • To promote youth entrepreneurship.
  • To strengthen the foundation of development journalism.
  • Execution of socialization initiatives at the federal, state and local levels.


A result-oriented team and a strategy of high-tech approach will be adopted to achieve the target objectives of BMG:

  • Developing an organizational culture.
  • Establishment of competent advisory board and thematic think tanks.
  • Executing joint projects with government, private sector and international partner agencies.
  • Emphasis on using the best technical materials available on the global market Prompt service delivery and customer satisfaction.
  • Assisting government in accomplishing the objectives of sustainable development.
  • Successful outcomes and sustainability of the program.