Former Professor of Agriculture Economics, Trivibhuvan University; Chief Economic Advisor of the Ministry of Finance; and Vice Chairman of the Youth and Small Entrepreneur Self Employment Fund, Ministry of Finance, Nepal Government. Also worked as Visiting Faculty / International Consultant/Researcher in Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, Visiting Professor in Hiroshima University, Japan, Research Fellow in The United Nations University / Institute of Advanced Studies, Japan, Visiting Researcher in Graduate School of Agriculture and Agricultural Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Japan, and Visiting Scholar, Department of Agricultural Economics, ETH, Switzerland. Currently serving as Adjunct Professor, Agriculture and Forestry University, Nepal, President, Council for International Relations and Economic Development, Nepal, President, Bishal Organization Private Limited, President, Nepal Research and Development Initiative Private limited and Senior Research Scientist in Nepal Development Research Institute.

Prof. Dr. Punya Prasad Regmi

Bishal Organization Private Limited